“What I want to capture is the excitement of exploring a new landscape. Everything is to be discovered, the senses are sharpened, and each vista is full of untold mysteries and beauties from the minute mosses, fungi, wildflowers, and insects to panoramic views of forests, cliffs and mountains. My practice of meditation renews my vision. Coming from that point of inner calm it is easy to appreciatethe exquisite beauty of the natural environment. I want to share this through painting. In my larger works I use vertical divisions as this format allows me the freedom to combine imagery I am drawn too.”

“Landscape is the inspiration for most all of my paintings.

spanda-studio-visit-2016-6It can be enjoyed on so many levels from the vast sweep of plains, mountains and water, to the delicate filigrees of moss and lichen. Colours harmonise and contrast and change constantly from time of day to the time of year. These combinations are often the start of a work along with the textures and patterns.

The collages are explorations. Paper is prepared with washes resist impasto and glazes to capture aspects of the landscape. These are cut and assembled on a landscape ground either waterccolour paper or on canvas. From these arrangements further images are suggested which are developed by over painting until some sort of balance between form and suggestion is arrived at.” ..Philip Adams

Philip enjoys the collaborative process of working with clients to capture the essence of spanda-studio-visit-2016-2meaningful locations. During site visits clients are involved in discussions to discover key points of resonance and personal significance and invited to contribute photos of elements that may be included in the final composition. Initial layouts are shared and a smaller scale acrylic piece created before the final work
is begun.

Please contact the artist directly for painting purchase and commission inquiries

Email – goto@philipadams.com.au

Phone – + 61 3 54653337

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